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The nurses responded quickly to my needs and always with a positive attitude. The Activities Director and her assistants made my stay interesting by providing programs that created stimulation and interaction with other residents. At Village Crest I was truly treated as a human being and not just a ‘number.’ I would wholeheartedly and highly recommend to anyone in need of care to go to Village Crest Rehab Center.

— F.S.

I have been to Village Crest five times now, and every time I’m there it is truly a great experience. This facility makes you feel welcomed and taken care of. I can’t say enough good things about this center.

— G.S.

After a recent hospitalization, I was fortunate to spend time rehabilitating at Village Crest. The entire staff, including management, nursing, therapy and housekeeping was not only professional, but courteous and helpful. It was wonderful to have a rehabilitation/nursing facility with such high standards in our community. Thank you Village Crest.

— R.D.

I have been to Village Crest in the past. I enjoyed my last stay and wanted to come back. The nursing staff has been awesome. PT and OT are good. They are very accommodating. They do not push too hard. I would rather do physical therapy at VC than anywhere else. I would recommend VC to everyone.

— K.H.

My husband had previously been a rehab patient at Village Crest after hip replacement. Nurses, CNA’s and aides are all kind and compassionate. Always pleasant when needed and presented with a happy, smiling face. Always willing to help me. My ‘ambassador’ always asked if everything was fine and listened to me. Carolyn checked on housekeeping regularly. Physical and Occupational Therapy staff always happy and cheery. Village Crest is a great place to visit and stay when help is needed. A great, pleasant experience while I recuperated from knee surgery.

— D.P.